update 8

Good Mumble!

Okay, so I missed last week and the week before I only posted a tiny update!

Was all of the promised progress this year a lie?! Was I just fake news, another example of an indie developer aiming too high only to crash and burn?!

No, calm down, it was just 2 weeks!!

Basically I just had a lot on and my weekends were filled up. For a while now, weekends and evenings were the only time I could work on stuff… Until Now!!

Cool Tiny Announcement

I’m going part-time at work!! I absolutely love my job and the company I work for is fantastic, but going down to a few days a week means I can dedicate wayyyy more time to these smaller independent games I’m working on.

So things are gonna start moving a heck of a lot faster on here, my goal of finishing up a playable demo of Wunderwurld by end of March actually seems feasible now!

What I did over the last 2 weeks

As you can hopefully tell by the video below, Eating is finally in the game!!!


Yay, big good, much wow!!

It’s very basic atm, but it doesn’t have bugs even when a huge amount of creatures are trying to eat the same thing, it’s a first come, first serve basis and currently they just eat anything they can find, in the future it’s gonna be expanded so they only eat what they like, and they will wait until you tell them to eat instead of just going for it… most of the time.

Hot off the press we have another 3D creature test from Emily!! It’s Froddle, a frog / puddle. We’re seeing if we can have creature types as well, if we do this will be an Ink type that leaves drops of ink behind it as it plops along.


There are some other little things I worked on as well, mostly improvements / additions to the dev tools in the project, and more mathy tests to figure out level XP requirements, we’re thinking about having Stardew Valley style skills, so you can level them all up individually.

They’ll unlock all kinds of things, but a big idea will be that some creatures will only visit people who are really good at farming or fishing, for example.

What I’m doing next week

With all of these basic behaviours it’s really starting to feel like a simulation, the next step is to add the animal questlines; every animal will have it’s own unfinished business, solving these desires will let them finally move on from purgatory. It’s a little bittersweet cause it means we won’t have creatures stay on the island forever, but hopefully we can figure out a way to memorialise them so people can still feel attached to their little island dwellers after they’re gone.

After quests, we’ll make a journal to track your island state, unlocked animals, levelling etc.

Ahhhhhh, I’m so excited!!

brb, gonna go make more game!