update 7

As expected I wasn’t able to get much work done this week, gonna try to take this weekend to relax whilst cat-sitting.

I have managed to collect 351 out of 353 cards in Stacklands though, so 99% complete! I want to finish but 1 card will require me grinding the final boss repeatedly… which is not something I want to put too much time into.

Since I can’t show any work this week I’m gonna post some music I’ve made in the past for small games and little projects.

The Legend of Water

Made for a game jam, this game was a simple dungeon delver where you built a gun out of crystals you found, you can learn more about here, I did music & art and my friend Jacob Keane did code + design, Jacob is someone I’ve worked with for a bunch of ludum dares, he taught me a huge amount about programming and game dev, genuinely just a top tier guy!

I had so much fun working on it but we ended up having to rush it towards the end and didn’t get a huge amount done, I still wanna to make a game that looks like links awakening someday.


/assets/audio/Deeper and Deeper.mp3

Smol Quest

This was a tiny game that I was working on that eventually got too complicated so I never had time to get to the fun bit of the game. There’s lots to figure out if I ever return to it, I’d definitely simplify it and turn it all into 2d assets for the most part so I can just fly through content production.

It was supposed to be a procedurally generated, tile-based rpg-lite. You explore a world made up of tiles, engage in combat and solve some puzzles. There would be a boss in each world, all that jazz. A lot of the ideas in it are gonna be used in Blood, Bones & Bile.


/assets/audio/The Grave.mp3

What I plan to do next week

Honestly, I just want the creatures in Wunderwurld to eat finally, I’ve been putting it off for weeks now!!

Okay that’s it for me this week, thanks again for reading these, it’s super motivating for me.