update 11

Long time no post! Hope you’re doing great and all your current endeavours are endeavouring in the best possible way.

It’s been a month and a bunch has happened, I completely forgot to run on May the 1st so my streak of running every day has sadly ended on 120 days, I’m still gonna run a bunch this year whilst training for the Great North Run but since my streak is broken I’m gonna take the next month a bit easier since I’m doing some travelling.

Wunderworld Progress

The game has jumped forward though! It’s not a completely playable experience yet but we’ve implemented 3D tools with animations, a few proper 3d creatures with rigs and animations.


There’s a new land type for long grass as well!


I added a whole water system so objects actually flow down the river, they rise and fall with the waves.


The creatures visually change as they move through all 4 different states and I’ve started replacing the 2d test assets with more and more 3d things.

There’s not a great deal to talk about since it’s mostly been a month of polish, I’m currently building out the custom creature inspector in my asset editor tool. This will make adding new creatures and editing how they work super easy, it’s already helping a lot!


When I can quickly add, remove and edit requirements & quests we’ll have everything we need to build out the bestiary of Wunderwurld.

Short Term Future Stuff!

I’m gonna be away on holidays for the next month so progress will be minimal, I’m also going up to 3 days a week at work until Sept so I won’t be able to do quite as much as I have recently.

A big thing has happened in the last month though, Emily and I have been chipping away at the concepts and prototypes of this game for about 6 months now, we’ve had faith that it will become a good game at some point down the line, but seeing the 3D creatures go about their day on the island (even with their very rudimentary AI) has crystallised the idea we had last year into a real thing.

I’m really excited about the game and I feel like I can finally relax a bit, this game is gonna be our first example of what we’re both capable of as a game dev team, we have a lot of plans for this game and the future games beyond that and I honestly can’t wait to share more.

See ya next month! (I thought I was doing these weekly as well haha)